I am a true daughter of the south…

…born and raised in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Lived my entire life within two hours of the place I was born. You may (or may not) remember me from my previous blog, Life of a Southern Belle. I got away from that one for a while and have decided to make a fresh start.

If you know me…really know me…you know our real names. For blog purposes; however, I am your host…Belle. My husband is Hank. Our daughter is Lorelai, who is married to Butler. Our son, Legare is married to Robert, and they will celebrate their one month anniversary tomorrow. Hank and I have a seven month old pup by the name of Bowman…mostly we call him Bo Bo. Then there are the granddogs…Bingley and Emmy.

We will tease out my theme as we proceed…mostly, it seems that EVERYBODY wants to be a southerner these days. It’s a desirable lifestyle for sure, but organic…you can’t buy it nor your way into it. Anyone born and raised here may claim a geographic connection to the south, but being a true son or daughter of the south is another thing altogether. It’s church and grace and love and manners and hospitality, all mixed up with a resilience that sometimes defies logic. It’s family…but moreover, the people you collect to create a family…not necessarily the one you are born into.

I have opinions. Strong ones. And really good intuition. But my world has begun to change in the last few years.

Hank and I are empty-nesters now and I am not too many years from retirement. It’s time to begin formulating my next-chapter-of-life game plan.

6 thoughts on “I am a true daughter of the south…

  1. So excited to see you back in the blogging world! Congrats to both Legare and Lorelei, and I’m looking forward to reading again.

    I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I had a blog called The Pink Putter, and we emailed a few times about being a school principal. I haven’t updated the blog in a long time, but the last time I did an update I wrote about the major changes in my life the last few years. : )

    Good to “see” you again!


  2. So glad you are back! I would check your LOASB site weekly and was just about ready to delete it from my favorites bar when lo and behold – a post! Can’t wait to catch up on all the news! Thank you for returning. I mentioned to another blogger that when you read a favorite blog you become friends even though you don’t meet face to face, and when blogger suddenly “disappears” without warning, you aren’t certain whether something tragic happened in their lives. Happy that’s not the case Belle!
    So now I can Keep Calm and Read On!

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