Two weddings in two years…

Daughters of the South love weddings. Sometimes; however, it is possible…ever so slightly possible…that some of us get so caught up in timelines and the process that we get a little crazy when our own children are getting married. Yes. OK.  I got a little crazy. Two weddings, though, in 11 months and three weeks…Lorelai and Butler on June 13, 2015 and Legare and Robert on June 4, 2016. One a Charleton event and the other in the mountains of North Carolina. After two years of thinking of weddings every single day, there is a part of my mind all freed up to consider other things now. I like it.

We’ve just gotten the pictures back from Legare’s wedding and I must share a few.  (We DoftheS mothers  believe that everyone is as excited about our children’s weddings as are we.) Enjoy!

The WestglowR&M-004R&M-192

Butler, Lorelai, Legare, Yours Truly and HankR&M-120

Big brother and little sisterR&M-114

And Lorelai gains another brotherR&M-126R&M-128The two familiesR&M-125

The rain stopped for the ceremonyR&M-244

The pastorsR&M-375

It would appear that I am still trying to give instructions at the receptionR&M-410

Guests in the libraryR&M-596

The view you never tire of…beautiful still at dusk.R&M-597

Three cakes…coconut, chocolate and caramelR&M-428

The Furman friends. R&M-612

There are SO many pictures that I can’t possibly show them all.  More later, maybe.

6 thoughts on “Two weddings in two years…

  1. I’m so glad to see pictures of your son’s wedding! I wasn’t able to attend my son’s wedding in NYC. He and his partner are so very happy living in Columbia, SC now, and I’m thankful they are close by!

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  2. I cannot tell you how happy this makes my heart. Your son marrying his new husband surrounded by Southern tradition. And the families all happy and such a cozy but gorgeous setting.

    I sure hope my son lets me give direction when he gets married;).


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