The baby girl is 26!


Lorelai had a birthday last week.  She turned 26 years old on July 26th and one of her best of the best friends, Amanda, flew down from New Jersey for stay few days.  Sweet Miss Amanda, even though born and raised in NJ, fits the bill as a Daughter of the South. She and Lor met at Clemson and I’ve no doubt that they will be life-long friends. Amanda was visiting with us during their senior year spring break and was with Lorelai the night that she and Butler met.

Senior Year Fun!



And of course, Amanda was one of Lorelai’s bridesmaids…


Lorelai, no longer merely a petite belle, is doing just what we always knew she would…she’s making a difference in this big crazy world of ours. She loves fiercely and cares passionately. She’s only 30 semester hours away from her doctorate in education but says that enough is enough when it comes to school for now.

She is her daddy’s girl for sure!

7-23-2009 9;12;05 PM


She also likes her own way…as evidenced by the photo below from when she and Butler visited Amanda and he was obviously not paying Lor enough attention.


She’s our baby girl. What a precious blessing!





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