Memory lane…tap dancing through life

I’ve been reminiscing my way through the old blog and there are some posts that I am going to share over here on the new blog. I started the old one in 2007 as Lorelai was starting her senior year in high school and Legare his senior year in college. I pushed through pretty well until both were done with school  If you’re an old blog reader, you may occasionally have a sense of deja-vous.

Back in the day, a dance teacher came from a nearby small town to our even smaller town to give lessons every Wednesday afternoon at the American Legion Hut. She had bright red hair piled up on top of her head and taught it all…ballet, jazz, and tap. As I recall, she wore leotards and bright caftans all the time. My friend, Karen (on the far left) and I (next to her) were in a class with two older girls, Melanie and Evelyn. This particular recital would have been at the end of our second year of lessons. Karen’s mom, our beloved Miss Helen, leaned over to my mother during our dance and exclaimed, “LOOK, Melanie and Evelyn don’t know what they’re doing…they’re not in step with our girls AT all!”

You’ve got to love Miss Helen’s faith in Karen and me…Unfortunately, my daddy had his camera at the ready and the evidence is pretty compelling that as tap dancing through life goes, Karen and I were destined to find another way through.


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