My Every 4th Year Election Season Message! And one more much more important item!!

I’m not fond of labels and certainly not fond of propaganda. I’m reasonably smart. I do not believe that everybody I know should agree with me from a political standpoint (that may be fudging the truth…I DO think that everybody should agree with me on EVERYthing but that’s wrong and I’ll continue to pray on it), nor that they are any less smart or intuitive than I just because their politics differ from mine.

And that’s OK. People who know me well know my politics…and that I’m the kind of gal who stands by her convictions. Having said thus, and agreeing that folks surely are entitled to put what they desire on their blogs or Facebook pages, my bottom line is this:

I don’t have time or energy for all sorts of negative dithering about between now and Election Day. If that’s “your deal” then have at it. I’ll see you again on the world wide web later this fall. I’ve got church activities…a bridal shower to throw…football games to watch/attend…tailgate parties to organize…joy and sunshine to spread…and work.

Certainly, I’m always up for good discussion and a respectful exchange of ideas. Not so much the name calling and vitriol.

You vote your conscience and I’ll vote mine. We will not discuss this further.

Now. I am at home. Wish I was in Auburn, Alabama. Next week this time I will be in…



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