When you want to make a good first impression…


So you know how much we love Bowman…how obsessed i am about his happiness and well-being.  Yes?  Yes.

We’ve been looking for someone to keep him when we go out of town. We don’t go out of town that often, but still.  I need to know that he is loved and happy. I found a great retired couple who live about 20 minutes away and they came over this afternoon to meet him.


We were like people trying to get their child into THE perfect kindergarten. Good impressions count. I went from work to the chiropractor and then home. Bo and Hank got home from the farm about 20 minutes before the sitters arrived and we got him (Bo, not Hank) brushed and smelling all sweet. I combed his ears and he was OH so handsome.

While we waited, I gave Bo a good pep talk about not getting overly excited and reminded him that he should not jump on people when he meets them because lots of people don’t like that. He’s our little work in progress.

He heard a car drive up. Hank opened the door and I saw the look in Bowman’s eyes. He was getting ready to run out to greet them in grand style. I had my iPad in one hand and was trying to hold Bo back with the other. Then I don’t actually know what happened. Bo was out the door. I was on the floor. The iPad was out on the deck at the feet of the people coming up the back steps. Hank didn’t know whether to go after Bo or see about me. I’m happy to say that he chose me.

To their credit, the sitters did not turn around and drive away. We had a lovely visit and signed Bo up. The minute they left, Hank laughed until he cried. Bowman needs another class at puppy school.

I’m fine, by the way…just might need the chiropractor again sooner rather than later.

So much for first impressions…

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