Decluttering and Tidying Up


You should SEE my office at school. It is so tidy and decluttered. Crazy as it sounds, my mind is feeling more tidy and less cluttered too. I have my bullet journal at home and am developing one for work. Not going for perfection…just functionality. My home journal has my prayer list, gratitude/blessings lists, books I’m reading and those I want to read.  I’m still working on my collections…that’s bullet journal lingo for a list!

Hank is on board with the tidying and decluttering at home. Over the years we’ve cleaned out the homes of four elderly folks. Holy moly…we just kept putting things in the upstairs of the guest house. And downstairs. The closets. So much that it wasn’t possible to use the guest house for it’s intended purpose. Downstairs is good now…all tidy and spiffed up. Upstairs is better but not quite there yet.

Inside the house, the living room is DONE. I thought I’d do a room at the time but it’s not working out that way…but it IS working.  I’ve made great strides in every closet except the one in Lorelai’s old room. Most of the dining room and about a third of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. No rush…my goal for completion of complete decluttering and tidying up is December 31st so I’m feeling real good about the progress.

The one Marie Kondo move that I just can’t make myself warm up to is the part where, when I change my clothes in the evenings I…wait for it…I pat my clothes and shoes lovingly and THANK my clothes and shoes for serving me well on that day. Don’t get me wrong, I am so very grateful but talking to these items just seems a little odd.

I discussed it with Bowman and he agrees that it would be weird.




Inauguration Day



A lot has happened since my last post in September but I felt REALLY compelled to share my thoughts in light of yesterday’s big event. The picture is neither here nor there, except that at 92 years of age, Jimmy Carter was right there yesterday AND I think Jimmy Carter is the bomb diggity. I did not write what is to follow. Maria Shriver did, sometime yesterday. Her sentiments are mine almost exactly. I did not share it directly from her Facebook post because of some of the truly horrible comments left by people whom I, thankfully, do not know.

“I know many of you said you wouldn’t watch the inauguration this morning, but I did. I watched the transfer of power between two presidents — two men — with very different visions, styles, tones and politics. I hoped for a vision of uniting one man’s “we” with the other’s. I hoped for language that would bring the two hands of our country together. I hoped for an inaugural address that would find common language and ignite common dreams. While I didn’t hear that today I acknowledge that perhaps others heard exactly what they were hoping for. The truth is, I really believe we all, at our core, have the same hopes: to live in safety, to raise our children in safety, to give our children a good education that prepares them for a changing world, to have jobs that allow everyone to live with dignity and to grow old with dignity. The “we” of the previous administration is still a part of who we are as a nation. May President Trump find ways to bridge the divide, in language and in deed. As President Trump takes on this position, I pray that the enormity of the job and what he is about to do has sunk in. This is the greatest opportunity of President Trump’s life. I hope he does all that he can to safeguard the lives and freedoms of all of us.”