A New GiGi…



My sweet friend Gail has been a GiGi for all of almost three weeks. I, for one, am obsessed with her sweet new granddaughter. Let me just TELL YOU…little Nora is gorgeous. Absolutely. Positively. And blessed beyond words to have been born into such a dear dear family.

Our pal Pam (who is NOT the boss of me) and I decided that we wanted to have a little soiree for GiGi Gail, so this morning the new GiGi, proud aunt Jennifer, and proud great Aunt Dianne joined us for a GiGi brunch. Of course, PINK was the color of the day and after cheese nibbles, cucumber sandwiches, bellinis, quiche, grits, fruit, salad, cake, and coffee, Gail opened a few special gifts to keep at her house for when baby girl comes to visit.

Pam and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hope that Gail, Jen and Dianne did too.


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