Time Flies

Lots to tell…LOTS!  Graduation is next Wednesday evening…another school year in the books.  Legare’s birthday is tomorrow…he’ll be 31.

I took a calligraphy class.  I’m REALLY bad at it.


Lorelai and Butler closed on their first house today. Memorial Day weekend will be full of excitement as they get moved in.

I’ve decided to retire next year…13 more months. Actually, I retired on April 30th, but entered the TERI program and get to work one more year. It’s a South Carolina thing.

We’re going to MOVE…yes indeed, we are preparing to sell our house and will be building a new home…our forever retirement home…at the farm. I said that I’d move to said farm when “you know what” freezes over.  I guess it’s chilly down in “you know where.”  More on that later…we are really excited. Got the house plan draft last week…just a few more tweaks and it will be ready to go. If it sells before I retire, I’ll commute.

Hank and I are going to the Grand Canyon this summer. The trip has been in the back of our minds for several years and we are LONG overdue for a vacation. As you may or may not know, we’ve had weddings the last two summers…Lorelai in 2015 and Legare in 2016. Two weddings in two years will wear a set of parents out.  Our friends Fred and Donna had two children get married in five months.  Lawdy!

Politics?  Let’s don’t talk about that.

I have been sticking with my new minimalist attitude. Our new house will be a bit smaller that our current home and we’ve been cleaning out and giving away and reorganizing like nobody’s business.

I kid you not…we feel better.  We can breathe more easily. Our minds are not as cluttered. I’m writing in my version of a bullet journal. Prayer lists. Praise lists. Thoughts. Ideas…and what I call my Brain Dump.  I write every single thing in my cluttered mind in the book and it makes me feel less frazzled. When something or someone upsets me, I write it all down in my book and I generally feel better.  The brain is a funny thing, isn’t it?

And I got a Kindle…as part of the minimizing effort…fewer books. The struggle is real, though, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE books.

Later, my friends.