A Little Trip to Arizona



Hank and I are back from our mini-vacation (as in travel day…two days there…travel day) to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Delta Airlines had a bad time of it on our trip out, but we eventually got there safe and sound, albeit a little bit behind schedule.



The Grand Canyon was, well, GRAND. Pink Jeep Tours ROCKED it (no pun intended) and the package we had at the L’Auberge de Sedona did not disappoint. Breakfast and dinner out by the creek…delicious food and beautiful scenery. I have a great little video but am technologically challenged so as not to be able to figure out how to put it in this post.


What stole the show for both of us; however, were the Red Rocks around Sedona. The red rock pictures from Hank’s hike (while I did the spa thing) are on his phone, so I’ll have to share those later. Should we ever head back that direction, Sedona and surrounding area will be our focus. It was THAT beautiful.

The dry air of Arizona was NOT a friend to this daughter of the south. As we walked out of the Charleston airport I was, for a few blissful moments, positively giddy about the humidity.  I’m over that now.


How Much is Enough?? Food!

We’ve been doing SO well these last six months decluttering and simplifying.  Most things. As we begin our process of moving to the farm, the commitment we’ve shown to our mission has really paid off. Why did we hang on to things so long?  There’s no answer worth wasting the time to figure out. We’re taking care of it.

Which brings us to today’s theme. How much FOOD does one person really need to know how to prepare.  I have…wait for it…more than 700 recipes saved on Pinterest.


700. And then there are the ones I’ve saved on Facebook. And the ones in the many cookbooks on our shelves. And the recipe box.

Hank and I DO enjoy a good meal. We determine whether or not we’ve had a good time on vacation in terms of how well we eat.  We appreciate new interpretations (sometimes) of old favorites; however, as a true Daughter of the South, when I think of comfort, I think of meals eaten at kitchen tables…kitchen tables at my childhood home, at Miss Peggy’s house, at my Aunt Zoie’s. I think of church homecomings, family reunions, family gatherings on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Mother’s Day…ice cream socials, peanut boils, shrimp boils, oyster roasts and the southern fish fry. Nobody needed Whole Foods. All the groceries came from Red and White or Piggly Wiggly.  Or Mr. Chick’s where you called in your list and he had it ready when you got there. Mr. Chick was ahead of his time.

I can’t answer the question of how many recipes are right for you. I, on the other hand, am going back to the basics. No more following Facebook recipe pages. No more new cookbooks. Back to the basics…those yummy ones from my childhood home, Miss Peggy’s, Aunt Zoie’s, church homecomings, family reunions, ice cream socials, and so forth and so on.  I’ll keep you posted.

What say you?