Waiting for? Probably nothing. Ned!

Lorelai and Ned, some years ago, fishing at the river.


Life in the low country of South Carolina!  Never a dull moment. While it doesn’t look like we are in for any of the true chaos of the hurricane, it is windy and dreary this Sunday afternoon and school is closed until next Wednesday.  All of the windows in the house are side open and the breeze is glorious. Ned is here, as all of the Aldersgate homes called families to come and pick up the residents until further notice. Oh my…OH MY!  We had to miss the football game in Clemson (GO TIGERS) but DID make Ned watch it with us even as he sat there mocking us in his garnet South Carolina shirt.

Typically, when we visit Ned, he goes on and on and on and ON about wanting to come and live with us. After four hours yesterday afternoon, he started wanting to know when he is going home, i.e. Aldersgate. Apparently, I am much too bossy for him and living with us no longer holds any charm.  At least for now. By next week, he will have forgotten how bossy I am (as many of you know, he has early onset dementia) and we will be back to the constant wondering on his part of when he is going to come live with us.

My thankfulness for the fine individuals who care for Ned and his other five house-mates knows no bounds. He requires constant supervision and they are all, I am convinced, angels. And goodness, how they spoil him. Which is why he thinks that I am bossy.

Bossy though I may be, I am fixing one of his favorite meals for a late Sunday dinner.  Oven barbecued chicken, rice, crowder peas, and slaw. Better get back to it.