Wherever the journey takes us…



It happened.  Our house sold last week. If all goes to plan, we will close no later than November 30. Yes…we are already packing. THIRTY-TWO years in the same house, and while we have been dedicated to minimizing since the beginning of the year, there is still  plenty to pack. Oh, if you live in the Charleston area, I have a wonderful grand piano for sale. Not enough room in the new house…not to mention that I also have the piano that I learned to play on. Going to hang on to that one.

The cotton is ready to pick and we are ready to begin work on our new home as soon as we close. A plan that began with just a house has expanded to a house, pond, and pecan orchard. Hank and I are incredibly excited. Legare says that he is “appropriately sentimental” about our selling the home to which we brought him from the hospital when he was born. Lorelai just doesn’t want to talk about it. You’d think we are moving halfway across the world.  The farm is just shy of an hour away for heaven’s sake.  We will miss our neighbors. I’ll put MY neighbors up against YOUR neighbors ANYTIME. They are the greatest.

I will commute back here to work the remainder of the school year and then RETIRE!!! We will need to find a new church.  My Methodist roots seem to be calling out, but we will see.  I’ve rented a small booth in an adorable consignment shop. Ned and both of our mothers will be just 10 minutes away. (Ned is not doing great right now. His feet and ankles keep turning blue, so he is going to a vascular surgeon this week. Positive though…he does not seem to be in any pain, so we will count that as a blessing.)

Stay tuned.