Just In Time

IMG_3075Recalibration.  This is what retirement should be called…recalibration. It’s not bad. Just different. I wrote a blog post, made a pound cake, and shelled peas from our VERY OWN GARDEN on Sunday. I picked up groceries from Walmart on Monday and binge watched Hart of Dixie. (You’re just RIVETED, aren’t you….so much excitement?)

I got busy on Tuesday.  As you may or may not know, I had a lovely grand piano that Mother gave to me when we purchased our first home in 1983. The floor plan of the new house does not have a separate living room, which was my music room in both of our previous homes. We sold the grand and now that the new house is far enough along, I was able to verify what I believed would be the perfect place for an upright piano. Tuesday morning I rode down to Fox Music House and picked out my new piano and it is a beauty…satin ebony and plays like a dream. And I shelled peas.


On July 4, our friend Ted came over to eat and binge watch a few episodes of Downton Abby.  Then more Hart of Dixie while shelling peas after he headed home. And today…DAY 5…Legare and Robert stopped by on their way back to Raleigh from Charleston. I fixed a big mid-day dinner (featuring some of those peas I’ve been shelling) and we had a short, but lovely visit before they headed back out.

So to sum it all up…I have prepared (and eaten) a lot of food, shelled a big old mess of peas that just keep on appearing in the basket on the kitchen counter, spent a bunch of money, and watched too much television.

Truthfully though, I kind of enjoy shelling those peas. I have sweet memories of sitting on the porch at the river on summer afternoons with my grandmother shelling beans and peas. And I love having time to be back in the kitchen planning and cooking wonderful meals for friends and family to enjoy.  I’ve missed having the time/energy to do that these last few years. And getting the piano squared away is just one small part of the grand plan that is to curate a collection of things that Hank and I both love for our new home.  AND, if you are a Daughter of the South and have not ever watched Hart of Dixie, you can find it on Netflix. I declare, I KNOW most of the characters and bet that you might too. Heck, you might even see yourself in one or two of them…I know I do.

I think that retirement, and the general recalibration of life that comes with retirement, got here JUST in time.



4 thoughts on “Just In Time

  1. Love that you’ve given yourself the gift of time. I retired 8 years ago after teaching for 40 years and never looked led back. I’m a northern girl but love the South and have just rewatched Hart of Dixie!


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