Next Steps

I read a lot. There is a magazine app on my iPad where I can read 50+ magazines each month for $9.99.  That is a pretty sweet deal.  I have become an enthusiastic patron of our local county library system. Our move has put us squarely in a “food desert” but as far as the written word is concerned, life is good.


Busyness has been on my mind over the last few days. The article…one that I cannot remember where I read it…was about the “glorification of busy.” In a nutshell, that people these days seem to be in a constant contest about who has the most hectic life…i.e., the person who is the busiest wins some invisible impressive and coveted prize or badge of honor. And it goes beyond the physical acts of a running around like a chicken with your head cut off calendar…this point of pride also includes the multi-tasking crazy busy taxing of one’s mind. I’ve been in that crazy busy loop. Who among us has not? SERIOUSLY…if you have NOT ever been in a crazy busy loop please, PRETTY PLEASE, respond to let me know for YOU, my friend, are the one who deserves the prize. 

There are no prizes or badges of honor. Heck bang (as Mother would say), you are not likely to be shown even a smidgen of recognition. You have to have a love and passion for your work deep down in your heart. The love and passion are your badges of honor.

I am still pondering my next steps post-retirement from my 35 year career as an educator, and here is what I know in no particular order:

  1.  Completion of our new home.
  2.  Clemson football
  3.  Finding a new church home
  4.  Watching the cotton grow
  5.  Watching the tide go in and out
  6.  Buying baby boy things…because WE ARE HAVING A GRANDBABY!!

After December 3, or thereabouts, you can call me Lala.  (Because I am too young to be called Grandma!)


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