Relaxing in Nashville

Last week about this time I was speeding down the highway toward Music City.  I grabbed Lorelai in Greenville, after which we collected my old pal and college roommate, Sue, from the Asheville area. We dropped Lorelai at her hotel for a bachelorette party honoring her sweet college friend Amanda, then Sue and I headed over to our home base at The Hermitage. Hank sweetly (and with great relief I am reasonably certain) volunteered to stay back at the farm with Bowman to keep the home fires burning.

I’d been to Nashville several years ago to present at an educational conference, staying out at the Opryland Hotel.  It was lovely, but I wanted to be more in the center of things this time.  Sue and I had a spa afternoon, did some shopping, and just generally relaxed, although we did go out to the Grand Ole Opry one night (great story to follow) and out with the bachelorette party another night for dinner at Suzy Wong’s House of Yum. Apparently, Nashville has become THE place for bachelorette parties…they were everywhere and no less than three were at the House of Yum while we were there.

Cool story!!  As we were checking in, a group of adults were waiting along with a group of young ladies. Turns out it was a 21st birthday celebration weekend complete with both sets of grandparents. Sweetest thing ever to see! We struck up a conversation with the birthday girl’s mom while waiting for our rooms to be ready. When Daughter’s of the South start conversations with strangers (which happens a lot) it always begins with “where’re y’all from?”  We were both from South Carolina and as we dug a little deeper, it turns out that her sister-in-law was from the little village we lived in for 32 years before moving full-time to the farm last fall. I actually taught her in middle school!! Small world…but WAIT!  When she asked where we’d moved to….OH MY GOSH…our new community is where she was born and raised. What are the chances?  Really…WHAT are the chances? We chatted a few minutes longer about folks we both knew and then she graciously invited us to attend the Grand Old Opry with them that evening, as two of their guests had not been able to make the trip.

It was a lovely evening. Second row from the stage at the Grand Old Opry is a very fine place to sit.  Our experience was cool and unexpected…and it was so kind of them to share their tickets with us.IMG_3119

I was also able to have a beautiful two and a half hour lunch at Husk with one of my favorite EVER students, Kirby Jane Easler. She is a brilliant musician living her dream in Nashville and you can find out more about her and see several of of her many videos HERE.

After reversing my route, dropping Sue and Lorelai at there respective homes, and driving nine hours, I got home late Tuesday afternoon. It was a great trip and perfect kick-off for my new retired life!


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