Well Hello There From LaLa-Retirement Month #10


Lots has happened since my last post in July. Here we are sitting squarely in April 2019 and retirement is interesting. We moved into the new house the weekend before Christmas…our sweet grand baby boy was born on December 3. Hank is “Grampy” and I am “LaLa.” Being a grandparent is the BEST THING EVER!!!! Mother went to her great reward on March 6. Brother Ned is, well, still Ned. His memory and mobility have greatly diminished of late and we had to move him over to a skilled nursing facility in October.

Now that things have settled down some, I find myself a bit at loose ends. There is plenty to do; however, I am having trouble remembering who I was before I was a school teacher, piano teacher, church musician, wife, mother, central office administrator, and principal. That’s 35 years of being in those roles and always having control of each situation.

I’m pretty certain that I am not SUPPOSED to be the person I was before…all of those roles shaped me into Me 2.0.  But figuring out what “sparks joy” for ME 2.0 is proving to be easier said than done.

I’ve set up FB and Instagram pages for Dwell Well and Dwelling Well Life respectively. These pages are my opposition move to all of the depressing and sensationalized craziness all over the place. In other words, nothing but positive and inspiring posts for me. You can follow if you feel so inclined. (Followers spark joy!) And I’ve put myself out there to help friends begin the declutter/minimize/organize process in their lives.  Only three takers so far, though. Bummer. I am really good at this declutter/minimize/organize stuff.

I know for certain that the following people/activities (in no particular order) make me smile (which is how I know they “spark joy.”)—- Hank. Our grandson. Our children. Yoga class. Bowman, our sweet dog. Our new church. Daily quiet time. Playing my piano. A good book. My book club. Decluttering. Minimizing. Organizing. Helping other people declutter, minimize, and organize. Giving advice. Lunching with friends. Entertaining friends and family in our home. Outings (not lunch related) with friends. Putting finishing touches on the interior of the house. Clemson football. Sitting on the dock at the river. Watching Home Town on HGTV.

And I am trying a few new ideas…just not feeling the “smile” on some of those yet. Looks like I’m back to blogging. Yay?